Sunday, November 02, 2008

"The natural progress of things," Thomas Jefferson once famously observed, "is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground." Well, famously observed if you're a libertarian. In the larger political culture, of course, our fourth president's incisive words are studiously ignored--and not surprisingly, since they fly in the face of the Myth of Democratic Consent propagated by state-dominated mainstream media organs like the Detroit Free Press.

No, you won't hear the Catholic Church's theological or philosophical position in MiCAUSE's anti-Proposal 2 ads. This fact hardly renders them "disingenuous, manipulative and deceitful." Indeed, for the Church to advance its religious views on public airwaves would surely raise the hackles of enlightened CINO (Catholic in Name Only) secularists like Brian Dickerson.

The Church would have breached that hallowed Wall of Separation. We'd hear no end of it.

That wily old WASP deist Thomas Jefferson was right. It's a virtual certainty that Proposal 2 will lead to higher taxes, cloning and medical experimentation. The State operates from the camel's-nose-in-the-tent principle. It promises to limit its activies to a very few enumerated and essential functions like, e.g., protecting the nation from foreign attack and ensuring domestic tranquility. The next thing you know, it's fighting two wars halfway around the world and running a trillion-dollar a year empire with 575,000 troops and 730 military bases in 130 different countries (all of whom hate us for our freedom), all while banning smoking in bars and using extorted taxpayer dollars to fund "reproductive choice."

Conservative critics of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 warned that its passage would lead to hiring quotas. Hubert Humphrey not-so-famously promised to eat the bill if those critics' manipulative and deceitful charges ever came to fruition. Forty years have passed and employers are still inundated with anti-discrimination edicts, affirmative action timetables and diversity mandates. Senator Humphrey, as far as I know, died without eating his cherished fair-employment project.

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