Saturday, April 29, 2017

Rights Violate Rights!

Isn't a right just a string of words repeated?
Isn't a string of words repeated a mere incantation?
Isn't an incantation something a priest chants?
Isn't a chanting priest a threat to your rights?
We won't know freedom until the last rights believer is strangled with the entrails of the last rights chanter. Because theories of rights violate rights! Especially when chanted!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lincoln's Adultery

My wife found out about the affair. She acts all hurt and confused and humiliated and everything. As if I did something bad. As if I betrayed her. She doesn't understand: I did it for her. 

The other woman is a coeval, which is to say, she's old as hell. Yeah, she's got a great rack. Lots of mileage on the chassis, but not much rust. That much I admit. The fact remains I'm not one of those shallow middle-aged guys who pursued a younger woman. Those guys are cads. They're interested in one thing and one thing only. My fling was different. Lust played a role, sure, but my liaison resonated with a sensitivity that transcended base carnal desire. 

See, I did it for the Greater Good. I did it for love. No one has greater love than this, to lay down one's marital vows for one's marriage. I don't mean love for the aging floozy with the proud and supple bosom--though that, too, entered into it. I did it because I loved my wife. I did it because I wanted to strengthen our marriage. I did it to put the breaks on our rapidly de-Christianizing culture.   

Strong marriages are the sine qua non of strong families Family is fundamental unit of society. Civilizations unravel without stable families.  

So how does doing the wild thing with a woman not your wife strengthen your marriage? On the face of it, the act would appear to tear at the very fabric of marital love. That's only the face of it, though. Ask any student of (court) history and he'll tell you. Sometimes the statesman has to violate his oath of office to serve the Overriding Public Interest. One does not tie his hands! Not even by invoking the sacred parchment intended to tie his hands! Where are we today if such visionaries as Lincoln, Wilson, and FDR tied their hands to the sacred parchment? 

No, no good can come from tying a visionary's hands. Same goes for not tying a visionary husband's hands to his marital vows. Sometimes a visionary husband has to violate his marital vows to uphold his marital vows.

What is taxation if not a violation of the rules governing property--legalized extortion--in the service of protecting property? What is quantitative easing if not a violation of the rules governing monetary fraud--legalized counterfeiting--in the service protecting a sound monetary system? What is war if not a violation of the rules against killing--legalized mass murder--in the service of protecting human life? The anti-principle principle runs up and down every society. The State can only uphold human decency by violating human decency.

The original statist was a visionary with only the noblest aspirations of society in mind. Where would civility, fair play and societal order be without monopoly violence? Monopoly violence is the sine qua non of community.

You see a contradiction, you say? Well, you're looking too hard. We live in a fallen world, you know. That's the reality. Deal with it.

Abraham Lincoln grasped the anti-principle and wielded it good and hard. America's greatest president waged war against Southern civilians. He confiscated handguns, imposed a draft (involuntary servitude in any other context), tossed Northern dissidents in the hoosegow, and shut down newspapers critical of his administration. He deported an anti-war congressman from Ohio.

Lincoln violated his oath to the Constitution to preserve the Constitution. Could I do any less than violate my marital vows to preserve my marriage?

There’s a surprising amount of wiggle room when it comes to politicians’ commitment to their marital vows and their oaths to uphold the Constitutions. Since we can’t have order without the State, and the State can’t have order without its prescribed disorder, can I do any different?  I have to commit adultery.

How about Give 'Em Hell Harry Truman? He nuked tens of thousands of innocent civilians to death. He did it to save lives. 

Finally, there's that whippersnapper Paul Ryan. (

Ryan actually voted to approve TARP, and explained in an interview with the Daily Caller in February 2010 that "we were on the cusp of a deflationary spiral which would have created a Depression," and that "if we would have [sic] allowed that to happen, I think we would have had a big government agenda sweeping through this country so fast that we wouldn't have recovered from it. So in order to prevent a Depression and a complete evisceration of the free market system we have, I think it was necessary. It wasn't a fun vote."

Mencken on the Mass

"Rome indeed has not only preserved the original poetry of Christianity; it has also made capital additions to that poetry -- for example, the poetry of the saints, of Mary, and of the liturgy itself. A solemn high mass is a thousand times as impressive, to a man with any genuine religious sense in him, as the most powerful sermon ever roared under the big top by a Presbyterian auctioneer of God. In the face of such overwhelming beauty it is not necessary to belabor the faithful with logic; they are better convinced by letting them alone. 

"Preaching is not an essential part of the Latin ceremonial. It was very little employed in the early church, and I am convinced that good effects would flow from abandoning it today, or, at all events, reducing it to a few sentences, more or less formal. In the United States the Latin brethren have been seduced by the example of the Protestants, who commonly transform an act of worship into a puerile intellectual exercise; instead of approaching God in fear and wonder these Protestants settle back in their pews, cross their legs, and listen to an ignoramus try to prove that he is a better theologian than the Pope. 

"This folly the Romans now slide into. Their clergy begin to grow argumentative, doctrinaire, ridiculous. It is a pity. A bishop in his robes, playing his part in the solemn ceremonial of the mass, is a dignified spectacle; the same bishop, bawling against Darwin half an hour later, is seen to be simply an elderly Irishman with a bald head, the son of a respectable police sergeant in South Bend, Ind."

- H.L. Mencken

Friday, April 14, 2017

The First Good Friday

According to Jimmy Akins, the Atonement took place at 3:00 p.m., Friday, April 3, 33 A.D.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Notorious Resurrection Denier

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out whom you are not allowed to criticize." 

Voltaire knew. Everybody walks on eggshells when criticizing the Church of Rome. Merely questioning her core dogma--which she insists was an actual historical event--brands you a "notorious Resurrection denier."  You won't hear such dismissive epithets hurled at any other camp of historical revisionists.  

Friday, March 17, 2017

Mammaries & Munich & Minions & Marauders

"A martini is like women's breasts. One is not enough and three is too many." (Sacha Lachine).

Whoa! I feel like Rip van Winkle! What'd I miss?

Were the U.S. mainstream media really anti-war during the Vietnam debacle? I see no evidence of them adopting anything vaguely resembling that position since then. Take that, liberal media!

The world won't know peace until the last Natural Rights theorist is hung with the entrails of the last DH-rule apologist.

Did the America First president put the kibosh to our costly, one-sided, endless war-spawning alliance with the Only Democracy in the Middle East yet?

Et resurrexit tertia die! Happy Easter to all my fellow Big Sky Daddy & Son believers!

Gather ye cow bells while ye may.

Notorious Resurrection denier Sean Spicer is banned from traveling to 14 European countries. In case you were wondering which outfit really rules the roost.

More dead babies: that's what you get when you launch a war to prevent dead babies.

Buck up, buttercup. Walk a mile in my Reality Tunnel. You'll know hurt feelings then.

You can always concoct jus ad bellum. You need only claim you kill to prevent massive killing. Just make sure you keep jus in bello in the Memory Hole.

When Trump promised to pursue an America First policy, he meant American Military-Industrial Complex First, American Israel Public Affairs Committee First, and American Moral and Financial Bankruptcy First.

He who defends homicidal humanitarianism, let him be anathema.

No, everybody you disagree with is not Hitler. Everybody the U.S. foreign-policy establishment disagrees with is Hitler.

Through the 1980s, Presidents Carter and Reagan allied with Islamic terrorists to oust the Soviets from Afghanistan. Post-9/11, President Bush, fils, waged war with Islamic terrorists for perpetrating the attacks. Now Presidents Obama and Trump have allied with them in an effort to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power.

Through the 1980s, Presidents Carter and Reagan allied with Islamic terrorists to oust the Soviets from Afghanistan. Post-9/11, President Bush, fils, waged war against Islamic terrorists for perpetrating the attacks.

Pace John Quincy Adams, not only does America go abroad to seek out monsters to destroy, she is the One Indispensable Monster.

The problem with leftists and their insistence on individual freedom is they equate cultural influences, religious beliefs, and economic incentive with force. As far as they're concerned, community, church, and employers are all brigands, no more benign or avoidable than criminals, whether freelance or on government payroll.

Who cares whether foreign politicians are "friendly" with American politicians? They turn on each other at the drop of a hat. Aside from that, no politician--domestic, foreign, or extraterrestrial--can be a genuine ally without my explicit consent. I do not consent.

Religion is the opiate of the masses? OK by me. I oppose drug prohibition.

Rights are reason. Sky Wizardry is rights. Sky Wizard is Religion. Religion is Government. A rat is a pig is a boy is a dog. Because when you're hellbent on drawing strained analogies, anything can look like anything else. Even a peanut (brown, humped back) bears a striking resemblance to a camel.

Even if the Russians did hack DNC email accounts, they would in that case be guilty only of engaging in investigative journalism. Only a nincompoop conflates investigative journalism with election tampering.

I'm a blood-and-soil guy. If you love flesh-and-blood human beings, love of humanity will take care of itself. Focus on kith, kin, and ilk; love of humanity will take care of itself. Reverse those priorities, and you'll find yourself embracing guillotine-wielding humanitarians.

Wholesale civilian slaughter--even in furtherance of a noble goal, e.g., surrendering millions of Eastern Europeans to Soviet Communism--is an intrinsically disordered act.

When will Vladimir Putin stop playing Neville Chamberlain to the American Hitler? When will the Community of Nations stop appeasing the elected dictatorship of the United States?

"Ask 100 Christians what it means to be more Christlike and you get 100 different answers."
"Ask 100 Natural Rights Theists what it means to be more like the Great God Natural Rights and you get 1,000 different answers."

NATO: visualize World Police.
NATO: visualize Whirled Peas.
NATO: visualize a centralized mayhem apparatus parading as an instrument of order.

Who cares if the Russians replace the post-World War II international order (sic) with something more aligned with their interests? Who's to say something more aligned with their interests isn't more aligned with our own? How much more misaligned can they be?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Equations for Civility and Liberty

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Thus quoth wily old Ben Franklin who, however, got it all wrong. What people deserve is beside the point. What do they get?
Ludwig von Mises knew better. "Government is the negation of liberty," he wrote. But negation of liberty does nothing to promote safety.
Trading liberty for safety is a fool's errand. If anything, civil order and government--which is just another word for monopoly violence--are inversely related. How can it be otherwise? Why would planned, centralized violence prove any more conducive to safety than the unplanned, decentralized version?
You can even make a case the inverse-square law--which describes physical phenomena like magnetism, light, sound, and radiation--applies.
intensity = k x 1/distance^2
Replace intensity with safety and distance with government encroachments. The formula encapsulates a well-established social phenomenon. Civil order drops precipitously as the welfare-warfare police state expands even minimally.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Immigration Versus Invasion?

One more thing and then I'll shut up. The difference between immigration and invasion warrants further discussion.

Say Mohammedan hordes wielding AK-47s land on the shores of Sicily. After a campaign of rape and plunder, vigorously resisted by the Italian government and armed local militias, they institute (freelance) Sharia law at the point of their guns.

Now say unarmed Mohammedan hordes swarm the shores of Sicily. After a campaign of rape and plunder, dutifully ignored when not enthusiastically subsidized by the oh-so-tolerant Italian government, they seize the machinery of democracy and vote themselves (government-payroll) Sharia law.

What's the lesson here? That Sicilians and "their" government ought not to resist the armed invaders because the Mohammedans can just as "peaceably" seize the machinery of democracy and vote themselves (government-payroll) Sharia law?

Left-libertarians get right-libertarians all wrong. We don't want to enlist the government to keep our ancestral homelands free of alien and hostile elements. We don't even trust it to do that. We want separation of borders and state.