Monday, May 28, 2012

"Splinter" is a Red Flag

Thanks -- it appears my subconscious may have been at work, 
since I read that JFK quote in last week's LRC article. 
It wasn't conscious.

On Mon 05/28/12  7:43 AM , Tony Pivetta 

"It only adds to the evidence that DHS should be dismembered 
and most of its parts consigned to a crematorium."

You were smart not to write "DHS should be splintered into a
thousand pieces and scattered to the wind." That kind of 
phraseology got a president ass***inated once. You have to 
believe our Supervisors are looking for some combination of 
his words (along with the one I discreetly censored) as 
red flag.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Marriage Evolves Yet

I favor same-sex heterosexual marriage. Yes, that's right: same-sex *and* heterosexual. I'm planning to marry an old college buddy. We have no intention of lying with each other as with a woman, for this is an abomination to the LORD. No, we're going to share a home and living expenses, even as we sleep in separate bedrooms.

We've each given the other the green light to cheat. Since we're heterosexual, that means we can bring women back to the house and fornicate with them. (This, too, is an abomination to the LORD, but so what?) No hard feelings! Well, at least not between the two of us--it remains to be seen how the women feel about the arrangement.

I am committed to my college buddy. He can have my health insurance. I don't care if he cheats on me with women. I hope to do the same to him! If this isn't a marriage, I don't know what is.

The Intrinsic Contradictions of Statism


AtlasAikido, posted on May 27, 2012

Statists are often afraid of what some individuals will do if not restrained by govt. What they should fear is what those individuals will do if they become govt. The amount of damage which one hostile, malicious authority figure can do by himself is nothing compared to what one hostile, malicious authority figure can do by way of *obedient but otherwise good people*.

If evil was committed only by evil people the world would be a far better place than it is today–with basically good people constantly committing evil acts because a perceived authority told them to.

Here the statist does not trust his neighbors (others). But trusts them to have the power of a State to do the same things he seeks protection from. Ouch!

If a man must inherently be governed by an authority that initiates force, who will govern those who govern?

Perhaps the statist thinks he and others–his neighbors that he does not trust–govern his masters?


Friday, May 25, 2012

Beyond “Anything That’s Peaceful”: Why Culture Matters

Beyond “Anything That’s Peaceful”: Why Culture Matters

There's no tactful way to put it. Rand Paul is a bigot! What else do you call somebody who subscribes to such obscurantist notions of marriage? But not even this hate-filled crank can hold a candle to the sinister cultists holding sway over the body politic.

You know who they are, don’t you? The Ultimate Hate Group? Why, it's the Amish of course! Oh sure, they come off as decent and folksy and quaint with their simplified lifestyles and dignified ways. But they're separatists! Supremacists even! They contribute to their community and their community alone — building homes, raising barns, and tilling the soil for each other, educating their segregated Amish young in segregated Amish schools!

Do you see them contributing to the black or Catholic or "gay" communities? By no means! They disassociate from those communities! They discriminate against them! I'm all in favor of the First Amendment and freedom of association and all that crap, but a church that so routinely violates “civil” rights has no business enjoying the BATF seal of approval—or even the passing acceptance of the larger, more enlightened culture!

Something must be done! We can start by opening brewpubs and Black & Decker stores in Mishawaka!  Allowing the Amish to run freely in our midst, where they freely choose not to run freely in our midst, is a sure recipe for Balkanization. Armed camps are bound to spring up, and we'll soon be at each other's throat — killing and raping and stealing from each other! It's an outrage, I tell you!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Triangulation - Word of the Day

Statists scored some coup when they concocted and mainstreamed their paradigm. Left or right, the State always wins; society and the individual always lose. Triangulation means strangulation. It narrows the parameters of responsible discourse. It marginalizes those who question the premises underlying the superstitions of our day. In controlling the opposition, the paradigm manages dissent and thereby manufactures consent.

In the words of the late, great Joseph Sobran: “If you want government to intervene domestically, you’re a liberal. If you want government to intervene overseas, you’re a conservative. If you want government to intervene everywhere, you’re a moderate. If you don’t want government to intervene anywhere, you’re an extremist.” So much for the exhilaration of choice.

It puts the lie to Nietzsche’s accompanying quote. In reality, moral relativism is a greater enemy of truth than lies. Convictions, properly formed, expose moral relativism.


with Anu Garg




verb tr.:
1. To position between two extremes, for example, in politics to appeal to both left and right wings.
2. a. To make triangular.
b. To divide an area into triangles.
c. To determine a location by measuring angles to it from known points.
Composed of or marked with triangles.

From Latin triangulare (to make a triangle), from triangulus (three-cornered). Earliest documented use: 1833.

"The only safe path was to triangulate, to split the difference between traditional liberal stances and those of free market economists."
Robin Sears; Progressive Leaders Need to Win Back the Middle Class; The Toronto Star (Canada); Mar 23, 2012.


Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies. -Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, philosopher (1844-1900)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hopeless Crank

Anarchist, pessimist, Latin Mass atavist; gold bug, Teutonophile, lover of the Lost Cause; decentralist, secessionist, individualist; Austro-libertarian, anti-homicidal humanitarian; Holodomor hysteric, Good War heretic; neo-Confederate, abolitionist and disaffected baseball fan--Tony Pivetta is a crank! He favors resurrecting Byzantium's Constantine V for Global Emperor. While the name of any other ruler would smell as rank, "Copronymus" strikes him as especially apt.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Obamanization of Julia

I’ve decided to take one for the team. Yes, I actually clicked through the Obama campaign’s insufferable “Julia” slide show. I hope you all appreciate it.

As you might expect, the Obamunists got it all wrong. Julia’s actual life bears little resemblance to the one the world improvers envisioned for her. To wit:

Julia’s Headstart teacher includes Old Testament stories and the Parables of Christ in her lesson plans. As Julia’s mother and the other parents espouse some version of cultural Christianity or other, they have no reason to object to this injection of religion, but word gets back to the HHS bureaucrats, who report it to the BATF and FBI Child Protection Units. Julia barely escapes with her life when the aforementioned Waco Killers assault the erstwhile school building, now transmogrified into a “compound,” with flash-bang grenades and CS gas.

AGE 17
Lush funding of the “public” schools does little to advance Julia’s education. She absorbs a handful of memes surrounding Father Abraham, the Greatest Generation and the role government plays in saving the free market from economic calamity, but her verbal, quantitative and critical-thinking skills go sorely lacking. She earns a meaningless high school diploma.

AGE 18
Despite poor high school grades and standardized test scores, Julia’s disadvantaged status qualifies her for a Pell Grant and admission to a respectable public university. Lacking the requisite academic preparation, she drops out halfway through her sophomore year. The public sees no return on its “investment” in her higher education.

AGE 22
Obama’s “free” healthcare results in overuse of services. Medical licensing continues to restrict market entry. Increased demand and diminished supply can only mean one thing: healthcare costs skyrocket. In the face of massive budget deficits, HHS institutes increased copays and deductibles. Julia puts off treatment for Type II diabetes and succumbs to gangrene. Her foot is amputated.

AGE 23
The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act does nothing to enhance Julia’s salary. Not only does she lack the requisite skills to secure employment as a web designer, but the Act has deemed her work as an administrative assistant less valuable than that of the left-handed homosexual Eskimo toiling in the mail room.

AGE 25
The massive budget deficits worsen under bipartisan welfare-warfare spending. The Department of Education reneges on its promise to cap Julia’s loan repayments and interest rates. Julia moves back home with her mom to help make ends meet.

AGE 27
Julia finds that suitors are few and far between for semi-literate one-footed women living with their mothers. Access to taxpayer-funded contraception becomes a moot point.

AGE 31
Julia eventually meets a young man and gets pregnant. Her maternal care and paid leave funded by government largesse, her boyfriend has little incentive to remain in her or her baby’s life. Neither Julia nor the baby ever sees the cad again.

AGE 37
Julia sends her son to the local government school. He’s taunted and beaten by a classmate on the playground. Cognizant of their mission to educate the entire public, the government school principal and teacher decide not to discipline the bully. The taunting and beating continue.

AGE 42
Its budget in the red, the Social Security Administration seizes Julia’s IRA and 401(k) accounts. As she has no other savings or investments, tax breaks and Small Business Administration loans are not sufficient for her to launch her business. Julia remains stuck in her dead-end clerk’s job.

AGE 65
In celebration of her 65th birthday, and her eligibility for Social Security and Medicare, Julia boards a plane bound for Hawaii. She is finally embarking on her lifelong dream vacation! Somewhere over Ohio, the airliner is hijacked by Muslim extremists harboring stygian rage at decades of U.S. bombing and blockading of their co-religionists in the Middle East.

Julia dies as her airliner crashes into Chicago’s Willis Tower. Unlike Winston Smith, she never gets her chance to love Big Daddy Gov.

Monday, May 07, 2012

*The Simpsons* Flirts with Thought Crime

In the 5/06/2012 episode, a filmmaker is doing a "Super Size Me"-type documentary on Krusty Burgers. He's so fat he can't complete his Oscar application. The television audience then catches a glimpse of two boxes that appear on the form: HOLOCAUST-RELATED DOCUMENTARY or NON-HOLOCAUST-RELATED DOCUMENTARY.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Britain Bombed Germany First

This is from a message board:

O yes we did (speaking as a Brit). While thanking Borjastic for sharing his views, I suggest he is seriously off base concerning the all-important initiation of city bombing. Maybe he should consider these three facts:
1. The most important date of WW2 is 10 May 1940, when the big Lancaster bombers stated taking off from Biggin Hill to bomb the Ruhr heartland. Germany and France had nothing comparable to these big city-bombing planes. Two months or so later Germany responded by initiating ‘the Blitz.’
2. That ‘Blitz’ was always conditional with the German offer: if you stop bombing us we’ll stop bombing you. Britains are always proud of ‘we survived the Blitz’ but they never ever allow themselves to say, ‘We made the Blitz continue by our city bombing policy, and could have stopped it at any time by agreeing to call a halt to it.’ They are simply not into that kind of honesty – only a few lonely, ethically-damned Revisionists do that!
3. There is a factor of 20 or so between the tonnage of bombs dropped by Germany onto Britain, and that dropped onto Germany in WW2. (plus maybe a factor of 10 in fatalities – 60,000 Britons dead from ‘the Blitz,’ a million or so Germans dead from the great city infernos)

Yes this is relevant to ‘the H’ because at Nuremberg they did not want the two million tons of bombs dropped onto German cities to be mentioned, but instead wanted to walk away on the moral high ground as the ‘good guys’ – and the H. enabled them to do this.