Sunday, May 06, 2012

Britain Bombed Germany First

This is from a message board:

O yes we did (speaking as a Brit). While thanking Borjastic for sharing his views, I suggest he is seriously off base concerning the all-important initiation of city bombing. Maybe he should consider these three facts:
1. The most important date of WW2 is 10 May 1940, when the big Lancaster bombers stated taking off from Biggin Hill to bomb the Ruhr heartland. Germany and France had nothing comparable to these big city-bombing planes. Two months or so later Germany responded by initiating ‘the Blitz.’
2. That ‘Blitz’ was always conditional with the German offer: if you stop bombing us we’ll stop bombing you. Britains are always proud of ‘we survived the Blitz’ but they never ever allow themselves to say, ‘We made the Blitz continue by our city bombing policy, and could have stopped it at any time by agreeing to call a halt to it.’ They are simply not into that kind of honesty – only a few lonely, ethically-damned Revisionists do that!
3. There is a factor of 20 or so between the tonnage of bombs dropped by Germany onto Britain, and that dropped onto Germany in WW2. (plus maybe a factor of 10 in fatalities – 60,000 Britons dead from ‘the Blitz,’ a million or so Germans dead from the great city infernos)

Yes this is relevant to ‘the H’ because at Nuremberg they did not want the two million tons of bombs dropped onto German cities to be mentioned, but instead wanted to walk away on the moral high ground as the ‘good guys’ – and the H. enabled them to do this.


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