Friday, May 25, 2012

Beyond “Anything That’s Peaceful”: Why Culture Matters

Beyond “Anything That’s Peaceful”: Why Culture Matters

There's no tactful way to put it. Rand Paul is a bigot! What else do you call somebody who subscribes to such obscurantist notions of marriage? But not even this hate-filled crank can hold a candle to the sinister cultists holding sway over the body politic.

You know who they are, don’t you? The Ultimate Hate Group? Why, it's the Amish of course! Oh sure, they come off as decent and folksy and quaint with their simplified lifestyles and dignified ways. But they're separatists! Supremacists even! They contribute to their community and their community alone — building homes, raising barns, and tilling the soil for each other, educating their segregated Amish young in segregated Amish schools!

Do you see them contributing to the black or Catholic or "gay" communities? By no means! They disassociate from those communities! They discriminate against them! I'm all in favor of the First Amendment and freedom of association and all that crap, but a church that so routinely violates “civil” rights has no business enjoying the BATF seal of approval—or even the passing acceptance of the larger, more enlightened culture!

Something must be done! We can start by opening brewpubs and Black & Decker stores in Mishawaka!  Allowing the Amish to run freely in our midst, where they freely choose not to run freely in our midst, is a sure recipe for Balkanization. Armed camps are bound to spring up, and we'll soon be at each other's throat — killing and raping and stealing from each other! It's an outrage, I tell you!


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