Saturday, June 14, 2014

God Hates Flags!

Flag day? Flag F***ing Day?! Really?!? Every damned day is Flag Day! Ever since 9/11 I've had that stupid star-spangled, blood-soaked, Land-of-the-Flea and Home-of-the-Knave banner rammed down my throat! From cars, from houses, from schools and office buildings! I can't even watch my favorite pro or college sports teams without seeing those snarling, seething Stars-and-Stripes! Enough already! Bring back Gadsden or the Cross of St. Andrew's or St. Peter's Keys! Any rectangular piece of cloth that stands for something vaguely decent and humane and reasonable! I've had my fill of Old Blowhardy!

Is Opposition to Abortion "Religious"?

It depends how broadly you choose to define "religious." A concern for values is what defines us as human beings. But to explore such issues as truth, beauty, justice and ethics is to enter the realm of metaphysics. There are atheists (e.g., Ayn Rand) who embrace the natural law (i.e., metaphysics) but reject the Natural Law Giver. There are "model agnostics" (e.g., Robert Anton Wilson) who reject both. I find Wilson's position more defensible than Rand's. Nevertheless, I choose to believe in both the law and the Lawgiver. It helps get me through the night.