Sunday, July 07, 2013

Tarek Heggy: Homicidal Humanitarian

Kill a million Egyptians! Kill them willy-nilly! Wheedle a million Egyptians into the circus at Cairo and put them to the sword!

Of course, he "intends" only to kill Islamists. Even if that means killing Mohammedans who demand only that the U.S. cease and desist from interfering in their affairs. Even if that means killing women and children. Even if that means killing old people.

Yeah, kill a million Egyptians! Some of them are bound to be Islamists! That'll put the kibosh to terrorism!

According to Wikipedia, liberal Egyptian author Tarek Heggy advocates "democracy [!], tolerance [!!] and women's rights [!!!]." He wields Establishment cred. He's a former Shell Oil executive. He has lectured at major universities. He has appeared before the Heritage (!) Foundation, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (!!), and the Council on Foreign Relations (which warrants no exclamation points). He kowtows to the Coalition of the Good.

Needless to say, Mr. Heggy excoriates the "conspiracy theories" that run rampant in the Middle East. He'll have none of that! Nor should we! The parameters of respectable discourse must remain as sanitized as his fingernails!

The Cult of Homicidal Humanitarianism goes on. We're all Lincoln's children now. And on and on it goes.