Friday, November 16, 2012

Lincoln's War

In his own words, Lincoln did not wage his war to free the slaves. Google his August 22, 1862 letter to Horace Greeley if you don't believe me. But even if he did, so what? Does ending slavery justify a war that killed upwards of 800,000 people--including 50,000 Southern civilians (many of them slaves!)--and left countless others maimed, disfigured and homeless?

The virus infects the political culture to this day. Americans shrug off recurring episodes of collateral damage inflicted by their government--a small price, they assure themselves, for liberating Islamic women from their burquas! Homicidal humanitarianism kills!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Just as there are certified victim groups presumed to exude collective virtue, so there are certified pariah groups presumed uniquely monstrous and therefore saddled with collective guilt. The Germans--forever accursed for starting two world wars, never mind they didn't--fall into the latter category.

Much like 1984’s Emmanuel Goldstein, the Teutonic tribes have served as perennial objects of the bien-pensants’ two-minute hate. A respectable citizen may defame them in polite company with impunity. No public shaming or demands for re-education will ensue.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Aggressively Secular Libertarians

Codswallop. No, codwallop on stilts.

So what if religious youngsters imbibe religion from their parents? Don't irreligious youngsters imbibe irreligion from their parents? Don't the youngster grow up and make up their own minds either way?

An affinity between Attila and the Witch Doctor, as the atheist-fanatic Rand so elegantly couched it? Certainly not in the Christian tradition. "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and unto God that which is God's." What's that? You mean there's a difference, Lord? Yes, and the distinction played a major role in desacralizing the State in the West.

Ever read about St. Ambrose's barring the Emperor Theodosius'  entry into the Cathedral of Milan? Ambrose demanded the Emperor first do penance for the wholesale slaughter he'd perpetrated on the Corinthian masses. How about the recurring clashes between King Henry II and Thomas a' Beckett? They culminated in the good Archbishop's beheading in the cathedral at Canterbury. Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV ransacked the Vatican and exiled Pope Gregory VII. Napoleon kidnapped Pope Pius VII and held him captive.

So much for that cloying love-fest between faith and State. How about the atheists' devotion to rationality? Does this not render them less prone to the violence and fanaticism besetting us more obscurantist sorts?

Well, there's that little matter of enlightened French Revolutionaries rampaging through the Vendee countryside and forcing the benighted Catholic masses to be free. Or the bloodiest dictatorship in history, which so happened to be an officially atheistic state, shuttering all the churches and mercilessly persecuting its Christians.

Yes, the Bolsheviks were irreligiously motivated. A letter Lenin sent to members of the Politburo on March 19, 1922, shows he wanted to use hunger as a method to break the bond between religion and the masses, to numb their reactions and thus facilitate his planned assault against religious institutions:

"In fact the present moment favors us far more than it does them. We are almost 99 percent sure that we can strike a mortal blow against them [our enemies] and consolidate the central position that we are going to need to occupy for several decades to come. With the help of all those starving people who are starting to eat each other, who are dying by the millions, and whose bodies litter the roadside all over the country, it is now and only now that we can--and therefore must--confiscate all church property with all the ruthless energy we can still muster. All evidence suggests that we could not do this at any other moment, because our only hope is the despair engendered in the masses by the famine, which will cause them to look at us in a favorable light or, at the very least, with indifference."

The agnostic Fred Reed asks why cultural elites are so "grindingly antagonistic"  to religion. "Is it partly that believers in America tend to be Southern or Catholic, both of which are regarded as politically inappropriate conditions?" That may well be it. Either way, Christian anarchists should cease and desist from ceding the high moral or intellectual ground to their secular counterparts.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Conspiracy Theory and Revisionism

The reason history stands in need of revision is because current events stand in need of revision. The "official" accounts of Fort Sumter, the Maine, Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Dealy Plaza, Gulf of Tonkin, and the World Trade Centers remain fishy with the passing years. The accounts enter the realm of court history; the conspiracy theorists questioning the official version of events become historical revisionists.