Sunday, January 30, 2011

Even Constitutionally-limited government permits taxation to fund state or federal monopolies in policing, dispute resolution and national defense. But taxation is extortion and monopolies are inherently inefficient, not to say tyrannical.

That's why Dr. Higgs does well to recommend Dr. Glaeser read Dr. Rothbard. Forced to be free is a contradiction in terms. All we have left for a political system, morally, is natural order anarchy. I know it sounds risky. But what can possibly be riskier than a state-sanctioned protection racket, even if it purports to be limited?

Even on the minarchists own terms, limited government never stays limited. Neither parchment nor eternal vigilance does anything to constrain it. How can it? The parchment's alive and the masses are readily distracted.

No, we have to put the kibosh to the very concept itself. Put the parchment out of its misery. Kill the State.



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