Saturday, December 20, 2014

Western Secular Imperialism vs. Islam vs. Christianity

I do agree Muslims were persecuting Christians long before the era of Western imperialism and U.S. support for Israel. 

I don't agree Muslims don't harbor legitimate grievances against the (secular) West for its imperialism and support for Israel.  

I do agree the (aggressively secular) mainstream media refuse to regard Christians as anything other than persecutors, in the Middle East or anywhere else, notwithstanding the historical record. 

I don't agree (secular) Western imperialism and support for Israel have nothing to do with Muslim grievances against the West. 

I do agree some Muslims have conflated (secular) Western imperialism with Christian religious fervor.

I don't agree the mainstream media have exaggerated the role Western imperialism and support for Israel have played in inciting Muslim grievances. (In fact, the mainstream media have downplayed the intervention-blowback connection.) 


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