Saturday, January 21, 2017

Indoctrination vs. Statism

Indoctrination is a meaningless word. It proves nothing. It just means somebody embraces a point of view at odds with your own.
Atheists accuse theists of having been indoctrinated, and vice-versa. Anti-vaxxers accuse pro-vaxxers of having been indoctrinated, and vice-versa. Darwinists accuse Intelligent Design advocates of having been indoctrinated, and vice-versa.
Anarchists who accuse statists of having been indoctrinated are pissing into the wind. They should focus on statism's distinguishing feature, that which puts it in a category entirely apart from atheism, theism, anti-vaxxism, pro-vaxxism, Darwinism, and Intelligent Design advocacy. Statism alone claims the moral authority to initiate force.
Are you free to go your own way? You're certainly free to secede from atheist, theist, anti-vax, pro-vax, Darwinist, and Intelligent Design camps with no one leveling threats to your life and property. Now try not paying your income tax.


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