Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When grega says he believes what people do in private is none of his business, I'm pretty sure he means what *consenting adults* do in private is none of his business. That probably leaves cannibals out of the picture. Moreover, even if what consenting adults do in private *is* somehow grega's business, he probably doesn't want to sic the cops on them.

That's what it all comes down to, doesn't it, when we're talking public policy? Whom do we sic the State's agents on? Most people aren't inclined to couch the debate in those terms, because they regard the State as a legitimate institution, rather than as a "band of thieves writ large," as the agnostic Murray Rothbard (and not so agnostic St. Augustine) so aptly put it.

The fact remains that Christ taught with authority on matters of faith and morality without giving us much guidance on what submission to His authority means in the context of rendering unto Caesar. Hence the perennial question: To what extent should Christian morality be legislated? Are traditionalist Catholics compelled to support legal bans on homosexuality, contraception, artificial insemination, divorce, heresy, failure to attend Mass on Sunday? If so, what do we tell the cops to do with the miscreants after we sic the cops on the miscreants? What would Jesus tell the cops to do?



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