Sunday, May 31, 2009

I agree the way to end abortion is "through prayers, conversion of hearts, and changing people's worldview." I agree the killer of this immoral abortionist employed immoral violence. So why should we support entrusting the cops with the employment of immoral violence? In other words, why should we support political means to put an end to this social evil? Are political means necessarily less evil than freelance means?

Say abortion is illegal in Kansas. Say Tiller believes he has a moral obligation to provide his "service" to women desperate to end their pregnancies. Say cops surround Tiller's abortion mill demanding he cease and desist from performing his ghastly procedures. Say he refuses to cease and desist. He keeps killing babies. In fact, he's so dedicated to his twisted cause he kills babies without collecting a fee, because he so empathizes with the plight of women so desperate to be relieved of their pregnancies.

Say the cops storm the abortion mill and kill Tiller. Does the morality of killing an abortionist change because the people doing the killing are licensed by the State to do the killing? Will the prolife movement be any less implicated in the killing of the abortionist? Is society any more ordered and civilized when State agents carry out actions that are barred the rest of us?



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