Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A paleoconservative calling himself Belloc criticizes Austrian economics. In his view, trad Catholics are "deceived" when they embrace the theories advanced by Jewish agnostics like Mises and Rothbard. I responded as follows:

Austrian is an economic system developed by Menger, Mises, Rothbard, Hoppe and others. Mises and Rothbard were indeed Jewish and agnostic, but their Jewishness and agnosticism does nothing to undermine the validity of their economic theories. Does the fact Newton dabbled in the occult undermine the validity of the calculus?

You're engaging in an ad hominen attack. This is a failure in logic.

For the record, I am a trad and I see nothing "deceptive" about the Austrian school of economics. Indeed, it offers the only system consistent with property rights, individual liberty and human dignity. All other economic systems--corporatism, fascism, socialism, distributism-- are statist. As such, they are deceptive *and* violative of the Seventh Commandment.



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