Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vaginae? The word is Latin, so this makes sense: the plural of alumna is alumnae, as in the "alumnae [not alumni] of Smith College"--Smith being an all-women's institution of higher yearning (sic). I would probably write "vaginas" nonetheless.

What gets my goat is "chaise lounge." Yes, it's a chair for lounging, people, but the word in French is "chaise *longue*," as in "long chair." If you're going to affect to continental sophistication, make sure you get the terminology right.

Also, why in the hell is marquee, which has an accent over the first "e" pronounced MARK-ee and not MARK-ay, when lingerie, which has no accent over the final "e" is pronounced LANJE-ur-ray instead of LANJE-ur-ree? Given the prevailing imbecility, it's small wonder these United States are saddled with Lincoln lovers, drug laws and the heartbreak of NATO zealotry.



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