Sunday, February 06, 2011

QUOTE: How does the state's right to tax violate the Seventh Commandment? "Thou shall not commit adultery." I take it that you mean "Thou shall not steal," correct? Regardless, I still don't see how the state's right to tax violates this commandment."

Really? You don't see how the State's "right" to tax violates the Seventh Commandment? Do you pay taxes voluntarily? Do you hire your local police department to protect your life and property? If you're not happy with the "services" the police provide, are you free to hire a competing security agency? Are you free to forgo all security agency protection in favor of self-defense? Perhaps you secure the services of the local police via charitable donations? This too would be voluntary. In fact, that's how you and I fund the Catholic Church.

What happens to you if you refuse to purchase an automobile manufactured by Ford, or a hot dog from a local vendor, or a lawn service from an entrepreneur? What happens if you fail to make your Sunday offertory? Contrast the response of private entities when you decline their goods and services with that of "public" entities.

Exchange and charity are the economic means of generating wealth. Taxation is the political means. By definition, the State relies on political means. It is a protection racket. You must fund the State's services whether you value those services or not. Even if you regard those services as inimical to your own interests! If you don't pay your taxes, the State will sic its agents on you. They will threaten you with fines and imprisonment. If you resist the fines and imprisonment, the State's agents will kill you. Ultimately, that's the power they wield over you. Yes, things rarely escalate to that point, but that's the reality.

All governments, whether democratic, monarchic or republican, rely on court intellectuals to generate the propaganda justifying their protection racket. it works remarkably well. Most of us come to believe we consent to our own enslavement. But it's all a lie.



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