Saturday, April 30, 2011

In Canada it makes sense to charge high taxes on cigarettes since the government pays for health care. Smokers' taxes can offset the burden their habit places on the health care system.

The government pays for healthcare with our money. It's not free. It extorts (a violation of the Seventh Commandment!) the money so it can fund services (e.g., healthcare) that may well rank lower on our individual scale of values (e.g., food, shelter, entertainment).

You're treading on dangerous ground, moreover, when you give the State moral and legal authority to make our health choices for us. When the Clinton administration tried to saddle the U.S. with "free" healthcare back in the 1990s, Hillary Clinton testified before Congress that, yes, as a matter of fact, the government might well want to consider imposing a twinkie or burger tax, to offset the burden those habits place on the healthcare system.

There's no end to the mischief this mentality will generate. The government will tax beer, wine, cigarettes, fast food--anything it can argue is detrimental to health, even if it isn't--to fund its healthcare system. Then it'll use the proceeds to promote mandatory vaccinations, which are truly hazardous to your health.



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