Saturday, December 08, 2012

Flight 553

Today is the 40-year anniversary of the crash of United Airlines Flight 553 in Chicago. It killed 43 of the 61 people on board, including Dorothy Hunt, wife of E. Howard Hunt, convicted Watergate conspirator. JFK researchers have long claimed Hunt was also one of the Three Tramps arrested November 22, 1963 on the grassy knoll.

Years later, Hunt made a deathbed confession to his involvement in the JFK assassination. In the Watergate tapes, Nixon voices concern about an unraveling of the "whole Bay of Pigs thing"--Nixon code for the JFK hit, according to his aide H.R. Haldeman. What did the Watergate break-in have to do with the JFK hit? Here we enter the realm of deep politics. All manner of fishiness surrounds these events and their ensuing "investigations."

Eerily enough, doomed Flight 553 was piloted by one Captain Whitehouse. (Key the eldritch laughter and rising organ music.) An autopsy revealed a high level of cyanide in his blood. Surely that came from inhaling fumes overtaking the passengers and crew in the wake of the crash.

The truth is out there. And sometimes, Virginia, the Truth is Way Out There.


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