Sunday, October 28, 2012

Distributism is Utilitarianism!

Distributists are like communists: just get the right people in office and everything can "work" for "the public good." Let's leave to one side the pipe dream of getting the "right people" in office. Even your run-of-the-mill flaky distributist knows power corrupts.

Focusing on what works is utilitarianism--a vile heresy--and the "public good" is a chimera, defined by the very thieves and thugs whose political machinations have brought Western Civilization to the edge of the abyss on which it finds itself so precariously perched.

What does it mean to own property? How can God have promulgated a Commandment against theft unless the institution of property pre-exists it? Is not property sacrosanct, as is human life? Why would any Christian support the exemption distributists and other socialists have carved for the State with respect to the Seventh Commandment? Is not the hallmark of morality universality?

Not only are Austrianism and libertarianism fully consistent with Christian morality. Statism in any form, distributism included, violates it. What does that leave us with?


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