Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tax Resistance Means Book Burning!

The lefties at MoveOn recently moved (their bowels?) on Troy, Michigan. It seems some Tea Party folk, libertarians, and just plain fed-up taxpayers resisted the Troy Public Library's call for an increased millage to maintain its level of service. MoveOn responded by putting together the "pro-library" video linked below: 

The video went "viral," as we're wont to say in the Internet Age, changing hearts and minds. The millage passed. Apparently, taxpayers found the lefties' analogy compelling: if you oppose increased tax funding for the public library, you favor book burning. No kidding. 

I see all kinds of nifty little applications to this line of thinking: 

1) If you oppose tax funding of churches, you favor restoring a Diocletian reign of terror against Christians. 
2) If you oppose free-and-compulsory alcoholic beverages, you favor resurrecting Prohibition. 
3) If you oppose U.S. military and financial aid to Israel, you favor perpetrating another Holocaust. 

Only item #3, however, exudes correctness. This suggests a flaw in the line of thinking. (In some circles, threatening a second Holocaust is reckoned a crime more serious than questioning the official account of the first!) Maybe our friends on the Left can help me cut through the mouth-fog analogizing tax resistance and book burning. 


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