Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Church and State and Fear

Christianity is based on hope, not fear. But let's leave that to one side. Any organization based on a belief system only, and not on the use of force or threats of force, requires your consent for it to have any sway over you. Such an organization is perfectly consistent with the NAP. 

Governments understand this principle full well, even if it eludes our most brilliant anarchists. That's why governments don't limit themselves to "exploiting" people's hopes or fears. Governments employ force and threats of force. 

That's why Obama employs the IRS and armed agents to enforce the tax laws. He knows merely threatening us with hell-fire will only work if we (1) believe in the existence of hell-fire and (2) believe he has a way to enable us to avoid that fate. In other words, Obama knows if he were limited to the "fear tactics" of a mere church, the overwhelming majority of us would stop paying taxes and laugh all the way to the gold dealer.


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