Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rush is a genious! He said since Nancy Pelosi and the Dems are just going to "deem" the health care bill passed without a vote that we should just "deem" our taxes paid without filing anything. Then we can "deem" ourselves as complied with the law because we "deemed" our taxes filed.

This is my response to the Fish Eaters post above:

Great! Maybe I'll "deem" World War II, the Korean War and the ongoing War-Without-End-Amen (i.e., the Bush-Obama "Warren Terrism") have likewise ended, so "we" (i.e., the criminal government of the United States) can bring "our" U.S. troops home from Germany, Japan, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Outer Albania and the 125 other countries they currently occupy at enormous expense in U.S. tax dollars, American liberty and national security. Maybe then I can get my portion of the trillion dollars a years "we" pour down those imperial ratholes rebated on my income taxes.

But wait. The "genious" Rush (who, being a "genious," probably knows the proper spelling of the word is "genius") is all in favor of that Big Government imperial mischief-making program. It's only when the Big Government imperial mischief-making program advances the agenda of the (theoretically) more socialist Democrats that Rush and the neocons and the neocon apologists object.

Small wonder, then, as those world-weary, freedom fries-hating French might say, amidst heavy sighs and through pursed and disapproving lips. "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose." And on and on it goes.



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