Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Washington Times Covers 9/11 Conspiracy!

Here's a reader's response to the article, followed by my feedback.

"Today we live in a world where the most powerful man, the President of the United States, can't get a bimbo hummer in the closet of the White House without the world knowing. But, on the other hand, a mysterious cabal (Bush/Cheney, the Israelis, Jewish bankers?) can knock down two skyscrapers using hi-jacked planes as a cover, yet no one can show any proof of a conspiracy.

"Does this scenario make sense to anyone? It's as if although there is no proof, people just 'know' it has to be. I guess no one can believe the obvious, anymore. I find the economic analysis on this site first rate, but the voodoo Gnosticism makes me wonder... Sorry for being a contrarian, but someone has to say it."

The bimbo-bankster dichotomy surprises you? Unlike the conspiracy theories, publicizing politicians' sexual improprieties does not undermine the modern democratic-bureaucratic State's raison d'etre, i.e., protecting the health and well-being of its citizenry. But we already know (q.v., Operation Northwoods) the State has interests all its own, and these may well trump that presumed orientation.

Conspiracy theorists don't "know" their theories are correct. If they advance their theories with ostensible certitude, it's only because the official account is so ridiculously riddled with half-truths and implausibilities. So they speculate. They offer alternative explanations. What do you expect them to do? Keep their mouths shut like good little serfs?

It is precisely the "voodoo Gnosticism" of the official account that prompts all the speculation. Sorry for being a contrarian, but someone has to say it.



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