Monday, December 14, 2009

Your etymology correctly notes that anomie derives from anomos, from a- (without) and nomos (law). But nomos meant a special kind of law to the ancient Greeks.

Nomos refers to the law of custom, not design. It arises from the spontaneous give-and-take of freely interacting human actors. Manners, morals, cultural norms, mores, tipping and language itself all reflect this human propensity for self-ordering.

Conversely, statutory law arises from the whims of State actors, acting on their own behalf or at the behest of politically influential special interests, and depends on the State's armed brigands to enforce its diktats. Intrinsically disordering, statutory law generates anomie--as more and more of us are coming to learn in this age of bankster bailouts, centralized counterfeiting and perpetual war.



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