Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rush was also saying that this trial will give Al Qaeda access to classified information. At the very least, they will be given names of all the informants of the people who were working with the military to get these terrorists.

I have no doubt that Obama and Holder are Al Qaeda terrorists themselves.

You can say Obama and Holder are terrorists, but I don't think they're al-Qaeda terrorists. Obama has no qualms siccing unmanned drones on wedding parties in Pakistan and Afghanistan. His targets differ from al-Qaeda's, but he happily embraces the collateral damage concept nonetheless. Sounds like a terrorist to me.

Obama's a multiculturalist too. The categories--terrorist and multiculturalist--are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, every U.S. president since at least FDR has been a multiculturalist and terrorist to some degree. I'd like to believe Carter and Reagan, both of whom seemed to pay more than mere lip service to their Christian beliefs, weren't multiculturalists. But they were certainly terrorists. I don't mean only in the "happily embraces collateral damage" sense of the word. I mean in the shallow, mainstream media sense of the word, i.e., they forged an alliance with real-live, MSM-defined terrorists!

Remember? Carter and Reagan provided military and financial support to al-Qaeda in Afgahanistan from 1979 to 1989. If al-Qaeda's a terrorist outfit now, what were they then? And what does that make Carter and Reagan? With good reason does the inimitable Gore Vidal call the U.S.A. the United States of Amnesia!



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