Thursday, December 31, 2009

Justin Fox's red-herring charge of utopianism serves only to betray his "crackpot realism" (C. Wright Mills' term), which he shares with his Power Elite (the title of Mills' book) handlers at Slime magazine. Every time a libertarian sets forth a common sense, free market alternative--who on earth can object to the abolition of legal tender laws and the competing currencies that would ensue?--to the statist quo, the statists parry with their usual pack of lies, half-truths and innuendo.

Thus, putting one's faith in the the morally and fiscally bankrupt U.S. leviathan's flimsy green certificates is "realistic," while permitting the most marketable commodity to serve as currency is utopian, half-baked, cooky, cranky and no doubt anti-Semitic. Now let's move on to more important subjects. Is Brittany Spears still sporting a navel ring? Doesn't she know that's why the terrorists hate us?



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