Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm one-quarter Walloon, but I don't blame the Flemish for wanting to secede. Hell, we can all benefit from secession. Centralization is just a euphemism for conquest! Maybe we can return to a system of city-states, kingdoms and independent duchies. Get a load of these statistics (from the 9/09/2007 online article at

Though Wallonia has 33% of Belgium’s population, it has 46% of its unemployed and it accounts for only 24% of Belgian GDP and 13% of its exports. 20% of the Walloons are unemployed and 40% work for the government. The only regions of Wallonia where there is an entrepreneurial spirit are the regions bordering Flanders just south of Brussels, the provinces of Namur and Luxemburg and the German municipalities (GM).



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