Monday, March 08, 2010

There are multigenerational conspiracies and multigenerational competing conspiracies. There are multigenerational believers and multigenerational dissenters. These are schools of thought; they don't require tapping into some Satanic force for their viability. Some people still deny FDR had foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor. Some people still believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Some people still smell something fishy about both episodes. What the hell does that prove?

Conventional theorists tend to accuse conspiracy theorists of overstating the power of the Insiders. I see no validity to the charge. We don't think the Insiders are all-powerful, just that they wield influence out of proportion to their numbers. No conspiracy is all powerful. Yes, someone always talks--but someone else counters that the person who talks (e.g., E. Howard Hunt's deathbed disclosures) lost his mind or went senile or had ulterior motives. The schools of thought go on competing. Eventually, the conspiracy becomes ancient history and nobody cares any more. Just as fewer and fewer people care about Pearl Harbor and JFK. Eventually, they'll stop caring about the truth behind 9/11.

I'd say those who dismiss out of hand any possibility the U.S. Government had any involvement or foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor, the JFK assassination or Pearl Harbor are the true cultists. This is the same gang that openly admits nearly approving Operation Northwoods. If the gang came that close to carrying out that diabolical plot, they're capable of anything. As you would expect of any government at any time and any place in this fallen world.



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