Saturday, June 11, 2011

In criticizing NATO leaders for not spending enough on their own defense, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates fails to see the big picture. Europeans' assessment of risk differs markedly from his own. Why would they spend more money on the U.S. nuclear umbrella when they believe (not unreasonably, in my view) that it puts them in harm's way?

Gates' point is moot and probably just for show anyway. U.S. elites and movement (good word for them, "movement") conservatives won't let Europeans assume responsibility for their own defense. They know what's good for Europeans better than do Europeans, and they have no problem sticking U.S. taxpayers with the bill for it. Movement conservatives are "pro-American"!

They know Europeans didn't take the Nazi or Soviet threats seriously in the 20th century, neither are Europeans taking the terrorist threat seriously in the 21st. The U.S. "pulled their bacon out of the fire" before and the U.S. will do it again! More empire, more entanglements, more budget-busting "defense" spending! The U.S. is a Nanny-State Globocop!



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