Saturday, June 18, 2011

We grow tyrannical fighting tyranny. The most alarming spectacle today is not the spectacle of the atomic bomb in an unfederated world, it is the spectacle of the Americans beginning to accept the device of loyalty oaths and witchhunts, beginning to call anybody they don't like a Communist. -E.B. White, writer (1899-1985)

E. B. White’s quote fairly oozes irony--surely unintended in one so clearly immersed in the Big Lies of his day. Is the “spectacle of the atomic bomb” any less alarming in a federated world? Quite the contrary! The forging of political unity among disparate states renders those at the helm more, not less, dangerous. Centralization is just another word for conquest.

It's a truism in politics: only the most ruthless rise to the top. Creating arbitrary enemies, and forging shifting alliances to thwart those enemies, helps catapult them. Meanwhile, their claque of court intellectuals impute the loyalty oaths and witch hunts to the frightened masses.

Nowadays, they don’t call “anybody they don’t like a Communist.” They call them "jihadis" or "terrorists," erstwhile allies in their Cold War against the Communists, who themselves had been allies of the Federated States in the Hot War against Hitler. But all that goes down the memory hole: Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.



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