Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jews routinely make bigoted statements about Christians without regarding them as bigoted. They just think they're being incisive and satirical.

I was talking politics with my Jewish boss some years ago. I'm a libertarian. I said I believe the State preserves far more disorder than it prevents. It cannot be otherwise, insofar as the State has a license to steal and extort. It calls its extortion taxation. It assures us it requires taxing authority to promote the common good, but if the rest of were to assume that authority, we'd rightly see it as undermining the common good. Universality, I said, is the hallmark of morality. If it's not good for us to steal and extort, it's not good for the State to do it.

My boss said he believed basically the same thing. He said his dad used to tell him that if somebody were to drop an atomic bomb on Washington, D.C., it would set things back in the country for a month or so. Then things would get much better. Without missing a beat, my boss proceeded to toss out this pearl of wisdom: "My dad used to say the same thing about the Catholic Church."

I have an Italian surname. He knew I was at least culturally Catholic. I had a picture of my first grade daughter in her Catholic schoolgirl uniform on my desk. None of this gave him pause. He delivered this virulently anti-Catholic statement in a most matter-of-fact manner. As if I'm the one who has something to apologize for.

I almost parried, "Yeah, my dad used to say the same things about the Jews. He's a Holocaust denier." But I thought better of it.



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