Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Interests" As Mantra

"Interests!" the crackpot realists scream, always "interests!" Vaguely defined, ever transmogrifying, mutually contradictory! Interests! The word serves as mind-numbing mantra! All to defend the expense, futility and very real risks (as the events of 9/11 should have demonstrated) of empire! Multiple wars, a network of bases, far-flung garrisons, "special relationships," shifting and entangling alliances, multilateral "defense" agreements--the republic hemorrhages blood, treasure and liberty straining under her globocop burdens. As if she has no interest in saving American blood, treasure and liberty. As if her meddling does nothing to incite extremists to target Americans. As if American politicians--who have proven themselves incapable of running daycare centers--are uniquely qualified to run an international military empire.


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