Friday, June 14, 2013

Random Thoughts on War and Rights and Taxes

"Debtor's prison": it sounds barbaric, right? Yet what are tax evaders if not people in debt to the IRS? Don't people in debt to the IRS go to prison?

Why are chemical weapons demonized? What ethical principal is at play? Did the firebombing of Dresden and Tokyo by Churchill, FDR and Truman not kill on a grand enough scale and in a sufficiently indiscriminate manner?

The Assad regime is using "chemical weapons against its own people"? Doesn't CS gas qualify? I seem to recall a too-close-for-comfort regime using that particular WMD on a church in Waco, Texas, some years back.

The U.S. lies, taxes, eavesdrops, defrauds, bombs, blockades, counterfeits, tortures, extraordinarily renditions and indefinitely detains. Then it turns around and lectures the rest of the world about "human rights."

Criticize a politician's welfare spending and a conservative will enthusiastically agree. Criticize a politician's warfare spending and a conservative will demand you move to Somalia.

Conservatives hold conceptually interrelated subjects in separate, watertight compartments of their brains. They believe the same politicians who pursue idiotic domestic policies somehow magically transform into sages when it comes to foreign and military policies.


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