Thursday, September 26, 2013

Marginalizing Syrian Gassing Skeptics

"Kerry is essentially trying to put Assad's culpability for the gassing in the category of those assertions the truth of which one is not allowed to question and that to do so would constitute "hate" (in this case, alleged support for all Assad's brutal actions), thus barring one from mainstream venues." 

~Dr. Stephen J. Sniegoski

A rather pregnant passage, don't you think? "Gassing," "not allowed to question," "hate," and "barring one from mainstream venues"? All in connection with whether skeptics ought "to give any credence to the Israeli information"? That complex of themes surrounds more than Israeli assertions of truth regarding the Syrian President’s alleged (dare I use the modifier?) use of chemical weapons.

Think of the impetus for Israel’s very founding. The Six Million dying in a systematic extermination, primarily via homicidal gas chambers. Polite opinion not allowing any to question any aspect of the account. Those who do barring themselves from mainstream venues. (That is, when they’re not getting themselves tossed in prison.)

Yes, "Hitler, too, wanted to disarm his enemies." He did it literally. Israel does it literally and figuratively.

Every people has a story. The wonder is that so many Westerners embrace a story that puts theirs in such an unfavorable light. Even (especially?) in this post-Christian chapter of our civilization, you think Israeli Information denial might be reckoned no worse a crime than Resurrection denial. 


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