Friday, March 17, 2017

Mammaries & Munich & Minions & Marauders

"A martini is like women's breasts. One is not enough and three is too many." (Sacha Lachine).

Whoa! I feel like Rip van Winkle! What'd I miss?

Were the U.S. mainstream media really anti-war during the Vietnam debacle? I see no evidence of them adopting anything vaguely resembling that position since then. Take that, liberal media!

The world won't know peace until the last Natural Rights theorist is hung with the entrails of the last DH-rule apologist.

Did the America First president put the kibosh to our costly, one-sided, endless war-spawning alliance with the Only Democracy in the Middle East yet?

Et resurrexit tertia die! Happy Easter to all my fellow Big Sky Daddy & Son believers!

Gather ye cow bells while ye may.

The best evidence for the historicity of the Resurrection is the existence of the church. The same people who abandoned Christ at His arrest and crucifixion boldly proclaimed His resurrection days later. Either He rose from the dead or mass hysteria spawned a shared mirage so vivid it inspired martyrdom.

Notorious Resurrection denier Sean Spicer is banned from traveling to 16 European countries. In case you were wondering which outfit really rules the roost.

More dead babies: that's what you get when you launch a war to prevent dead babies.

Buck up, buttercup. Walk a mile in my Reality Tunnel. You'll know hurt feelings then.

You can always concoct jus ad bellum. You need only claim you kill to prevent massive killing. Just make sure you keep jus in bello in the Memory Hole.

When Trump promised to pursue an America First policy, he meant American Military-Industrial Complex First, American Israel Public Affairs Committee First, and American Moral and Financial Bankruptcy First.

He who defends homicidal humanitarianism, let him be anathema.

No, everybody you disagree with is not Hitler. Everybody the U.S. foreign-policy establishment disagrees with is Hitler.

Through the 1980s, Presidents Carter and Reagan allied with Islamic terrorists to oust the Soviets from Afghanistan. Post-9/11, President Bush, fils, waged war with Islamic terrorists for perpetrating the attacks. Now Presidents Obama and Trump have allied with them in an effort to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power.

Pace John Quincy Adams, not only does America go abroad to seek out monsters to destroy, she is the One Indispensable Monster.

The problem with leftists and their insistence on individual freedom is they equate cultural influences, religious belief, and economic incentive with force. Natural elites, gurus, homespun aristocrats, church leaders, and employers are all brigands, no more benign or avoidable than freelance or government-payroll criminals.

Who cares whether foreign politicians are "friendly" with American politicians? They turn on each other at the drop of a hat. Aside from that, no politician--domestic, foreign, or extraterrestrial--can be a genuine ally without my explicit consent. I do not consent.

Religion is the opiate of the masses? OK by me. I oppose drug prohibition.

Rights are reason. Sky Wizardry is rights. Sky Wizard is Religion. Religion is Government. A rat is a pig is a boy is a dog. Because when you're hellbent on drawing strained analogies, anything can look like anything else. Even a peanut (brown, humped back) bears a striking resemblance to a camel.

Even if the Russians did hack DNC email accounts, they would in that case be guilty only of engaging in investigative journalism. Only a nincompoop conflates investigative journalism with election tampering.

I'm a blood-and-soil guy. If you love flesh-and-blood human beings, love of humanity will take care of itself. Focus on kith, kin, and ilk, Throw a little agape in there for good measure. Reverse those priorities? You'll play right into the hands of the homicidal humanitarians.

Wholesale civilian slaughter--even in furtherance of a noble goal, e.g., surrendering millions of Eastern Europeans to Soviet Communism--is an intrinsically disordered act.

When will Vladimir Putin stop playing Neville Chamberlain to the American Hitler? When will the Community of Nations stop appeasing the elected dictatorship of the United States?

"Ask 100 Christians what it means to be more Christlike and you get 100 different answers."
"Ask 100 Natural Rights Theists what it means to be more like the Great God Natural Rights and you get 106 different answers."

NATO: visualize World Police.
NATO: visualize Whirled Peas.
NATO: visualize a centralized mayhem apparatus parading as an instrument of order.

Who cares if the Russians replace the post-World War II international order (sic) with something more aligned with their interests? Who's to say something more aligned with their interests isn't more aligned with our own? How much more misaligned can they be?


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